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Monday, March 26, 2012

Incredible Inedible Eggs

I apologize for my absence- I hate excuses, so I am making none. On with the blogging…

What I thought for years was a mild case of lactose intolerance was actually an intolerance to a different breakfast staple.

I found out before Christmas that I have an egg sensitivity. Not an allergy, but a sensitivity. I’ve known for several years that when I eat multiple eggs, particularly yolks, my stomach reacts badly. However, that never actually stopped me from eating the eggs which I felt were a needed source of protein and I liked them! So, when I discovered this late last year, I cut eggs out of my diet. Not items with eggs in it, but just eggs- scrambled, fried, boiled, etc. I have not had the reaction -that I’d lived with for years- since.

Except twice- when I just plain forgot and had a breakfast sandwich (both times!) that included eggs. The most recent time was yesterday, when I didn’t think about it and had a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. About halfway through, I remembered and took the egg off. But it happened. My stomach was upset all day long.

I don’t know why eggs do this to me. I don’t know why I can eat items with eggs as an ingredient, but not eat eggs by themselves.

I am glad, however, that I know what the problem is and can eliminate it from my life (when I remember). I am also glad this is not a full-on allergy, because I can’t imagine having to eliminate food containing eggs. That would be a whole lotta food!

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