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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The best thing I’ve done for my health in the last month is join a local produce CoOp. 
One of my New Year’s resolutions was to eat more vegetables. I am not a very big veggie eater and even less of a fruit eater. It isn’t that I don’t like vegetables, but my exposure has been very limited and I mostly eat a lettuce/tomato salad and possibly asparagus if I think I can stand the after-effects (smelly pee).

I decided to join a local CoOp and have been buying fruits and veggies that I would have never picked up in the grocery store. While, I’ve turned several items into baby food for C, I’ve also tried them myself. 

Last night I roasted Kabocha squash in Truffle oil and salt and pepper. Yummy!

It was a bit labor intensive to peel (not necessary) and cut, but it had great flavor and texture.

I’ve also tried Acorn Squash, Butternut Squash (which I already liked, but rarely bought), and several different kinds of lettuce (rather than just iceberg or romaine).

I want C to grow up with a lot of variety when it comes to healthy, wholesome foods. I want her to be able to try things multiple times before deciding she just absolutely won’t eat them. I’ve read that children need to try the same foods 15-30 times before developing a proper opinion of them.

My Grandmama always said that your tastes change every 7 years. That might be somewhat true, but as an adult, there are certain things I still won’t eat- bananas, mangos.

I still try those items on occasion. And I think that early exposure to different foods is best, because the older one gets, the more set in her ways she is. 

Regardless, I’m vowing to try new foods and even try the ones I don’t like again. Something about buying from a CoOp is inspiring and encouraging. Hopefully, as my exposure grows so will my family’s.

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