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Thursday, January 26, 2012


I find myself stuck between a utilitarian state and a frivolous state when it comes to clutter.

On the one hand, I can certainly say to myself or my husband (mostly him), “If you aren’t using it, why do we have it? Let’s get rid of it.” And most of the time I am good with ridding our home of unused items. (I even do it at work, to the constant annoyance of my co-workers, but to my relief when there are that many less items to inventory.)

But then there is the other hand. The one that wants a new purse or the one that thinks having 3 tubs full of childhood memories is okay as long as it is in the attic. That hand thinks that those N*Sync Marionettes in the box will be worth a lot of money someday. That hand that thinks a well decorated bathroom makes life pleasant.

These hands of mine are constantly at war. 

What can I sell? - That decorative pitcher would look great in my kitchen. - Honey, do you really need that guitar you never play? - Oh, that throw pillow is a match to my couch, so what if I already have six others!

The truth is, my life needs less clutter. There are so many things I have that I can live without and so many things I buy that I don’t need.

It’s a situation of weighing the high of the in-the-moment purchase with the satisfaction and stability of being debt-free (that is, the satisfaction and stability I can only HOPE for at this point). 

For each purchase I need to make a choice- buy this item now or pay down a debt.

As for the clutter I already have- I need to decide what I can live without. 

Being utilitarian-minded is not a bad thing.

Most likely, I’ll be fine without most things. And I certainly can’t take any of it with me.


Ryan Y. said...

Here's a TED talk you may find interesting that has to do with this topic. As you may know, I've battled with this same issue for years now, trying to slowly but surely be more minimalist and get rid of things I don't need. Still haven't conquered the "buying stuff" aspect of it, but at least I'm getting good at getting rid of things.


Ryan Y. said...

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Joann Eyster said...

This recent move of ours just around the corner taught me that I need to put a halt to the impulse buys of things that we use for one purpose and never use again. We donated and threw away so much junk!! We even have more stuff that we are getting rid of as we moved in and putting things in their place. I am positive that I'm going to regret getting rid of some of those things. In other words, I totally get you!! Especially the part about asking hubby to part with things...At least he cleaned out about a metric ton of his computer parts!