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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have an amazing ability to plan my workouts in advance and then not do them. I had every intention of getting up at 4 am and going to the gym everyday this week. It hasn’t happened. Not even once. I’ve gotten up at 4, yeah, but then I have my coffee and slowly wake up sans workout. I couldn’t even bring myself to make it through a 30 minute workout DVD Monday night. Am I lazy? Perhaps. But there is more to it.

I need to work on myself and am having the hardest time balancing work and the new life with my daughter and not feeling selfish about wanting me time.

Mr. Blakesnewface has no problem with that. Why is it so simple for men?

How do I take time for myself and not feel guilty?

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Joann Eyster said...

I struggle with this all the time. I think I would take the me time if I had any idea where to fit it in. Someone reminded me that taking me time isn't selfish, but I'm so selfish with my time with my hubby and kids that often time that trumps "me time". With kids that are 15 and 11 you would think that it was easier...not yet.