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Thursday, January 12, 2012


I can just hear Dave Ramsey ranting at me.

He would call me stupid. He would tell me how idiotic I’ve been.

*sigh* I’m sorry Dave. Oh, how truly sorry I am for my inability to remain diligent in my debt reduction after I was given the most incredible gift of a child.

But with the New Year has come newfound motivations. It didn’t help that, in 2011, we got a new-to-us car (named Sookie – all my cars’ names start with S), a new Air Conditioner (named Slater- get it? AC Slater?), a new Hot Water Heater (no name for him- guess I should think of one), and a new baby (called so many terms of endearment), all of which had to be paid for on borrowed dimes.

I know, I know, Dave. We should have never bought the car without the cash, but mine was dying and the $1000 emergency fund just wasn’t enough. Should we have gone without an AC in the NWF heat of the summer? Surely not. The hot water heater was a package deal, so maybe we could have said no to that. However, how could we say no to that which was wanted most of all- a baby girl- just because we didn’t have the money?

But it will be okay.

Our budget is written out in spreadsheet form. Our debt snowball is calculated. Checks are already written for month one. I vow to get us back on track with Dave’s Baby Steps. 

And I hope beyond hope that the tax credits for the new AC and the new baby will help bring us back down into a reasonably-unreasonable debt amount so that we can see light at the end of the tunnel (that isn’t that oncoming train!)

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