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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


If you’ve ever had a weight problem, or thought you did, there is a good chance that you’ve read something about your actual weight not being what matters, but it is the size of your clothes and the health of your body that does. I’m not sure I was ever convinced of that…
I am one to weigh myself everyday when I’m dieting. I hate it when I don’t see even half a pound go off. But I learned something when we brought our daughter home…
Your actual weight, i.e. the number on the scale, and how your body is toned do not exactly correlate.
Let me explain:
We found out two weeks before her birth that C would be ours. At that point, I know what I weighed and I went to the gym at least three times a week and was taking a kettlebell class twice a week. Those two weeks were so hectic that I didn’t bother going to the gym. And that continued for the next six weeks as I was off work caring for my daughter. In those weeks, I could have sworn I gained at least 10 lbs because I felt like I was eating constantly and not doing any exercise (the #2 reason I can’t be a SAHM). I swore to get back to my regularly scheduled workouts when I started back to work. So after those eight weeks, I weighed- knowing that the clothes I had fit into only 2 months prior were too tight or no longer fit- and guess what??? I weighed only TWO pounds more than I had weighed pre-baby! But that’s not possible, right? There had to be a reason my clothes weren’t fitting.
Oh, there was a reason all right. Everything had shifted. Everything had turned to flab. I had gained pregnancy bulges AFTER the birth of my baby!
So, it is with great displeasure that I must find a way to get my body back into toned shape.  This includes dieting which I haven’t been doing for the past 5 months, using my newly-found-mama-responsibilities as my “I have no time” excuse. I have been going to the gym, but I haven’t been consistent. I keep thinking I can go right back to where I was and then I end up hurting myself.
I must be determined.
I must be motivated.
I must find what works.
I must eat better.
I must plan ahead.
I must stick with it.
I must ask my husband to watch C so I can go to the gym.

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