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Monday, January 9, 2012


Last week I read and finished a book. See what happens when you don’t allow the TV to be on when the baby is awake? You actually accomplish something good for your brain!

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

This book is a page-turner because it is driven by old photographs. Each time the protagonist comes upon a photograph or a person he has seen in a photograph, an actual picture is inserted in the text.

Little did I know, until after I read it, that each and every photo is a real, un-photoshopped, old photograph that the author had found or borrowed from other people’s collections. He wrote the story around the photographs. I wish I’d thought of that! What an excellent way to build a story with rich characters!

The book did have a cliffhanger ending, as do most books these days. You must always allow for sequels, right? 

Watch the video trailer.

I recommend reading this book in the hard copy or at least on a full color e-reader. My old-school Kindle didn’t do the photographs justice. The photos themselves are at times spooky and haunting and need your full attention to their details.

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Joann Eyster said...

This came up free on the kindle reader once and passed it up because I thought it might be too creepy and now you have repeaked my interest!! It's not free anymore, but I think I will be adding it!