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Friday, January 6, 2012

O is for Overnight

In a search for inspiration, I just reviewed some past blog entries of mine. This one: ABCs, while not one of my “original” writings gave me an idea to get started again.

Check out letter O.

While I could still say I’ve never had an overnight hospitalization, I can’t say that I’ve never stayed in the hospital overnight.

Mr. Blakesnewface and I were allowed to stay in a maternity/birthing room after the birth of our daughter for the two and a half days she was required to stay. It was such an awesome benefit of the hospital and a great blessing to us to be able to start the bonding process within hours of her birth.

I look back and laugh now, but it was very scary when the nurse brought her in and said, “Here you go. Call this number if you need anything.” And then she walked out! Um, hello, we just found out we were getting a baby two weeks ago, we have no idea what to do! I even asked permission to pick her up!

Luckily the evening nurse was a little more helpful when she came in and gave us some pointers. 

So now I can say that my only overnight hospital stay was for the birth of my daughter.

I hope that one day all hospitals will allow adoptive parents to stay there so that they can get the full benefits of bonding with the child 24/7 in those first few days.

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