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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall TV?

If you’ve been following my random blogs over the years then you know there is always one post that I never fail to make: my list of TV viewing for the new fall season.

Well, this year, I’ve failed. I don’t even know what new shows there are let alone what shows I am going to watch. A lot has to do with the summer tv schedule and all those shows I watch (Eureka, Warehouse 13, True Blood, etc) but MOST of it has to do with the hurried and somewhat harried arrival of our daughter in August and how I’ve not really had a chance to even find out what is coming on.

I’m letting my DVR be in charge of the shows that I watched last year and have only added one: Up All Night, for obvious reasons. Because I do most of my TV watching during midnight feedings, I don’t even know what nights shows come on anymore!

I can say that I am excited about the new seasons of Psych, Modern Family, HIMYM and The Big Bang Theory. While I watched Mad Men and Dexter, I think I could go without those if I had to. And as of this moment, my mind is blank to any other shows that come on in the Fall.

I am looking forward to the holiday TV programming and my newly (going on 3 years) found obsession with made-for-TV holiday movies.  

What are your favorite Fall shows and TV Movies?

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