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Friday, April 8, 2011

Of the future

I got an email from my future self.

Some backstory:

Me and three of my close friends have emailed fairly regularly, if not daily, for the past 5+ years. For the past several months, however, these emails have tapered off to the point where they were infrequent if not non-existent. Life just got in our way.

I needed to put a stop to it. At least, my 85 year old self needed to.

She sent us all an email:

The text reads:
"I know this is going to sound very odd...bare with me.

I am your friend Blake, but I am living in the year 2063. I've lived a long and decent life and technology is such now that I am able to send emails to the past. Time travel for physical forms is still a 'thing of the future'...it has not yet occurred in my lifetime, though many advancements have been made in the sciences.

I am sitting down to write to my 3 greatest friends because the news of this technology has reminded me of our good times over email. The one disturbing thing about my memories is the spring of 2011, when we all seem to have lost touch with one another. It wasn't as if our friendships ended, we still were able to get together intermittenly during the years (remember the 25th CHS reunion!!! LIMH- K... you were the most entertaining thing there! Everyone loved you!). However, that spring of 2011, our emails which had occurred frequently, yet had dwindled in number in the previous months, ceased to exist. It troubles me to think, had I just taken the time to nag each and everyone of you until I got responses, I would have been able to get the ball rolling again on our daily mails. If I remember correctly, I had just taken on new responsiblities at work and K..., I think you were moving somewhere new(?) and A..., didn't you have something going on too that was taking up a lot of time? Anyway, my whole point is to send this message back to each of you and hopefully stir up some discussions that lead to laughter and happiness for the each of you; to remind each of you how important your friendships are to one another.

I know you are wondering if you can email me back (to the future), but alas, you cannot. That capability only lies in emails of the current time (my time). I know you would like to know things about your future...did K... ever settle down with someone? Did K... get married or find her dream job? Did A...'s son become a famous Baseball star? I am sorry, but I cannot give you these answers. The writers of Doc Brown's character were correct when they explained how the Space/Time Continuum would be disrupted by our past selves knowing even the tiniest detail about our future lives. All I can promise you is this: if you continue with your friendships with each other, and continue your email communications, you will live out the rest of your lives with your best friends forever. (What did they used to say? "BFF's"?)

I must sign off now, the governement seems to track these things. The emails to the past aren't illegal, but heavily regulated for content. Hopefully everything I've said will make it back in time to you.

K..., A..., and K...- I love you all. Blake- love yourself as you are, you deserve to!"

Needless to say, I was in shock and dumbfounded. Could this be true? I guess I won't know until 2065 or I’ll never know, but as of this point, 2 of my friends have responded with what’s been going on with them lately. So it appears to have worked!

Thanks future Me!

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