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Friday, April 15, 2011

Blue Dog Group

It is not a good sign when you get home to find this on your carpet:
Is it a bird?

You see, we have a 1.5 year old doggie. He's been crated daily while we are out of the house since we got him. It was high time we started letting him roam the house in our absence since our other dog does. Well, he did really well for 4 days. Nothing was amiss when we came home. Then we started coming home to shredded magazines. No big deal, right? They are just magazines. He still got in trouble, but we continued to leave him out. Until yesterday, when I came home to this lovely blue ink stain.

Now, normally, I would blame both dogs on the mess left behind. But there was a tell tale sign (or is it a tell tail?) ...

The other dog was asleep, in his open crate no less, with no blue on him.

So now we have sentenced Rolo to puppy prison:

...where he must remain through the day in our absence until further notice.

We will continue to leave him out for short periods of time until we can work up to those full days.

BTW, the actual pen was no where to be seen, I'm sure we will find it out in the yard in the next couple of days while scooping.

So cute, yet so bad...

Oh, and as far as how he got the pen...I have a good feeling one of the cats jumped up on the counter and knocked it off for him. They tend to conspire together that way.

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