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Thursday, March 10, 2011

There are other books in the sea

My 12 year old nephew has read the Wimpy Kid books over and over again.

When he’s not playing his DS or other video games (read: when he’s been grounded from using them) he is reading, and he is most likely re-reading those books.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great that he is reading. But every time I see him reading those books I ask him “Why don’t you find something new to read? There are so many books out there; you can find something else you will like!” He usually responds with a shrug and continues reading. I’m sure he has them memorized.

I was raised to read. My house had shelves upon shelves of books that my mom had read or was planning to read.

The wall behind my friend and me in this pic is all shelves of books.

There are only a few books I’ve read more than once (other than those in the Bible, of course).

These include:

I was made to read it in High School, but then I read it later because I didn’t remember anything about it except for the eye on the billboard or something obscure. I enjoyed it the second time through.

Again, I was required to read this, but I actually liked it the first time and wanted to read it again. I’ve read it three times. It remains one of my favorite books.

I know! It seems really strange that I would have read this more than once, both times by choice. It is a fairly large book. The first time I read it was by suggestion of a friend who let me borrow it. Later, I found it in a bargain bin at a drugstore and read it again when I bought it. It is actually very enjoyable and has lead me to a great love of biographies and memoirs.

Then there are books that I would love to read again if I ran out of books on my shelf (not likely to EVER happen).

I recommend this one for girls tween to adult.

I have the movie to watch anytime I want, which allows me not to read the book again. Though I should, it is a great book!

What books have you read more than once?

Does it make you feel guilty of depriving yourself of reading something different with so many other books out there?

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