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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Big drop, then back up WTH?

Okay so as of the 3rd (?) week of 4-Hour Body, I was down a total of 8.5 lbs. But then after my free-day, I was only down 5. I forgot to weigh this morning before eating so I don’t know if my Saturday free-for-all lbs are back off or not.

The eating plan is working for me…in the way that I know I can’t eat anything but food that is on the plan and if I am not hungry for those things then I really am not hungry at all. So, I’ve skipped a few meals, which is not recommended. But, hey, when you aren’t hungry, why eat?

I’ve also started doing a kettlebell class twice a week instead of once. I know this vigorous exercise is not part of the 4HB plan, but I just don’t feel right doing what little exercise is suggested on the plan.

I’ve been working on getting back on track with my running schedule as well. After my HORRIBLE time in my last 5k-slower than any other race I’ve run- I knew I had to get my training back on track. I have a race mid-April that I really want to PR in, and if not PR, then at least get back up into the range of my faster times.

In other news, I finally bought our anniversary present from last year!

Yeah, okay, our anniversary is April 2nd, and last year was year 5 which meant a gift of “wood”. (I like to buy one item representative of the traditional/modern gift list for anniversaries.) So I had big plans to buy us a wine rack made of wood for our kitchen. But I could never find one for the right price and the right color.

The other day I was walking through Ross and saw this:

It was pretty much exactly what I’d been looking for for a year. So I bought it and we now have our 5th anniversary gift - one month before our 6th. Now I have to find something made of iron (traditional) or wood (modern) for this year. Maybe I’ll find it BEFORE our actual anniversary.

Any iron suggestions?

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redi2adopt said...

hey im ur newest follower. cant wait to read more about ur journey and check out ur facebook group. I like ur blog I need to put pics on mine.