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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Making an offer they can't refuse

For over a month my husband and I have been searching for a car to replace my 11 year old two door vehicle that has served me well, but just wasn't going to be sufficient should we adopt a child soon.

This search included tons of lows and exactly zero highs on this emotional rollercoaster of mine.

Until Saturday.

We found a car!!!

It is one I would not have even considered. As a matter of fact, I didn't want to test drive it and told my husband and the salesman so. It was priced way above our price range and I knew there was no way to get it down low enough, so why drive it?

Well, the hubby convinced me anyway, but I didn't get my hopes up during the test drive. Though it was a really smooth ride.

Then the negotiating started.

My husband told the salesman how much we were willing to spend. Then he came at us several thousand dollars above that price. Yeah, you read that right...several thousand.

We countered with our price, watched the guy take it to his manager and saw the manager mouth "No Way". No kidding.

He came back, still over a thousand too much. We were ready to leave. Then the manager came in and asked us where we wanted to be. We told him what we'd said all along. He went out and "made a call" and came back within $200 of our price. We accepted.

So, out with the old:
This is my Mirage, named Skeet. He served me well for the last 11 years.
I teared up a little letting him go.

And in with the new:
Meet Sookie.
(Now I get to say "Sookie is Mine" like Bill Compton all the time!)

I do have a point here though, other than bragging about my new-to-me car. We ended up getting a car priced way above anything we'd even considered in the last month and a half because we took the effort to negotiate. We had a budget and stuck to our guns (except for the $200). I'd say that is a pretty good accomplishment!

I am very proud of us and our purchase. We've only car shopped as a couple once before and we didn't get a good deal. We were uneducated and poorly prepared. This time we took our time and when the going got tough, we kept going until we got what we wanted at the price we wanted. It can be done!

What is your best car-buying bargain story?

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