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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Adoption Update

We were told we needed to "spread the word" about our wishes to adopt.

Of course we'd already told our close friends and family, but it was time to go bigger. So we created a Facebook group. It's an open group, so if you want to join, leave a comment and sign in with your email address. I will send you a link to the group. Our 'Expectant Parent' letter is there along with some pictures and other info.

Here are some examples of how you could help our (or any other pre-adoptive couple's) search for a birthmother.
Maybe you know of a young woman in your life that is pregnant.
Maybe one of your relatives has a daughter that is pregnant.
Maybe a friend of one of your children is pregnant.
Maybe a co-worker, relative, or friend knows a young woman that is pregnant.

So what can YOU do if you do know someone interested in placing his or her baby for adoption? You can approach the birthparent(s) and say, “We know a couple named Mike and Blake that live in Florida that want to adopt a baby.” You can also share non-identifying information, which is physical descriptions, personality traits, educational background, talents, hobbies, church activity, and involvement with extended family. Please do not share identifying information, such as our last names, phone number and address. You can also retrieve our information from our Facebook group. Or better yet, send us a message so we can send you the files of our Scrapbook and Letter to give to them.

If you don't feel comfortable with any of that, we would still appreciate you directing them to our agency: The Adoption Center, if not specifically for us, then just to help out any couple that is looking for a child.

Thanks in advance!

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