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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shock and not-so-Awe

I just found out that our Home Study on Friday is going to cost about $400 more than I anticipated. I can’t quite remember why I thought it was going to be cheaper, but I did.

We have the money; that’s not the issue. The issue is the anticipation of the rest of the costs we are about to endure when we continue on with the process.

If we waited until we had the cash, we’d be too old to have a baby. If we had been able to just get pregnant, worrying about money would be an issue, but we’d HAVE to deal with it. In this instance, we are making a choice to deal with it. And that choice is one that I waver on daily.

We want a child more than anything. We’ll deal with the costs as they come. But it doesn’t stop us from wondering if we CAN afford this. And what we will do if we can’t.

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Ann said...

I know what you are saying, Blake. We just got our first "situation" presented to us. A birth mom who is 9 weeks pregnant, not working and is going to need $2400 up front to prevent being evicted, 1200 a month for regular living expenses, plus we'd have to pay both attorney fees. All in, without unexpected expenses, it would come to about $30,000. There are other health related issues, in addition to the fact that she backed out on an adoption 2 years ago. It's too risky for us, so all things considered, we are choosing not to match with this birth mom. Maybe it is meant to be for another family. PS...don't let the comments from Jay in your other post bother you, they are his opinions and his opinions alone. Not sure why he felt the need to get on his soapbox on your blog when he has his own, but whatever. It's clear that no one is going to change the way he feels about adoption, so if he were respectful he would just agree to disagree. Ann