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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolved and Rearranging

I make resolutions every new year. My most successful resolution occurred in college when I resolved to stop chewing gum and I succeeded. To this day, I rarely have a piece of gum…only when I need a breath freshener and tooth brushing is not an option.

This year, I didn’t even consider any resolutions. I don’t know why. The thought just never crossed my mind.

But yesterday I was thinking… I’ve already decided to push back my work schedule by an hour and get up and do yoga in the mornings. Then, with my trip to the gym in the afternoon, this puts me getting home around 5 and that is really late for me. (I know this is a normal time for most.) I even decided to join a kettlebell class at 6 pm on Thursdays…something I’ve complained about over and over again in the past- how late the “afternoon” fitness classes are.

I’ve always been an early-bird. I get up early, I go to work early and I get off work early. That gives me so much time in the afternoons to do what I want. I’ve often said that my brain stops functioning about 2PM anyway, so it is useless to work much longer after that. I like being at work in the early morning when no one is there. I feel like I get more done. I like getting off work when everything is still open so that I can run errands. I like having more than 3-4 hours at home in the afternoon before ‘bedtime’.

With the changes I decided to make to my schedule, I realized I won’t have these options as much anymore.

So, I guess I did make a resolution. I’ve resolved that instead of trying to rearrange my schedule around my life, I need to rearrange my life around my schedule. That means no more complaining about late in the evening fitness classes and no more getting off work I the early afternoon.

We’ll see how this works out. As you know, resolutions are made to be broken. Right?

What were your 2011 resolutions?

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