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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


When I would go on long car rides with my mom when I was little, I remember we would always talk about names. I don’t know why, but it always came up. I’ve always loved names. I have a notebook I’ve kept since I was in elementary school with baby names. I even found a diary entry recently where I’d listed A LOT of names that I’d chosen for my future children, first and middle. (There was no possible way I was going to have as many kids as I had listed names for.)

I upgraded my system to an excel spreadsheet when I got married so that I could list the names in order of most liked, or what fit with my last name and what the meanings of the names are. I could date them and go back to them and decide if I still liked them or if they’d gotten too popular to use.

Then, when we found out we weren’t able to have kids, I stopped. It was too painful to play around with names. There were occasional times when I’d hear a name I liked and jot it down so I’d remember and there were times, on those long road trips where my hubby and I would discuss names. But mostly, I stopped. My obsession had to be put on pause. It hurt too much to think about naming a child I might never have.

But guess what…it occurred to me the day that our Home Study was approved that I can start looking at names again! I don’t have to be specific, I don’t have to have any picked out for a particular child, but I can start listing them again! I can put my obsession back into play! I can think about my future children with a name!

I know this may sound silly and not like it is a big deal, but for this girl who has been picking out her kids’ names since she was 7 or 8, this is huge!

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Sasha & Sarah said...

I just found your blog today while searching for some kind of support, guidance, and such. My husband and I are also going through the adoption process and your blog got my attention. I have also been thinking of names for my children since I was young. I have them all on little square pieces of paper, stuck on my bulliten board. They have followed me through college and on. After marrying my husband, some of the name ideas changed. Once we started the adoption process, I kinda stopped with the names. My reasoning...I want to see if maybe we can take the name of the baby's mother or father and use it, either as the child's first name or middle name. So until then, I've decided not too think too much about it....like that will happen. Ha! : )