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Monday, January 17, 2011

Employee Recognition

What do employees like to get on their 5, 10, 15, etc year anniversaries? Apparently not engraved clocks or globes or picture frames.

My company is searching for a new place to purchase awards. With the current process, employees are allowed to look on a website with a list of ‘prizes’ and pick out something that suits them. It reminds me of picking through the teacher’s goodie box when you won the spelling bee in 2nd grade, except with more expensive prizes. None of the prizes are actually useful but they are fun to pick out.

It seems employees are getting to the point where they don’t want something they can sit on their desk or hang on their wall to remind them of their years at a company, other than maybe a framed piece of paper. They want cold-hard cash. Or perhaps, cold-hard plastic. They want something to spend somewhere they would actually shop i.e. Best Buy, Target, Amazon.com or the like.

I guess it is time my company got with the program and offered some desirable gifts for our loyal employees.

Any suggestions?

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Ryan said...

Bonuses. Cash. You guessed it, and for 5, 10, 15 years, not just a $50 gift card. I worked for a well-known and profitable retailer in Atlanta once, and at the time the GM was crossing the 5 year mark with the company. The GM, now, and they presented him a $50 gift card TO THE STORE WHERE WE WORKED. I laughed. Come to think of it, although my wife has been nurse for almost 9 years, she just passed her 5 year mark with the company that owns the hospital where she works. She picked out a "prize" equivalent to about $50 out of a catalog. It was kind of neat, but for all of her hard work (which she gets paid well for), it still would have been nice to get some sort of bonus. I think this depends on the size of the company too though. A large hospital cannot afford to do too much I understand, because $ adds up quick.

I know companies can't usually spend heaping amounts on bonuses, but what about presenting someone who has put in a hard 5 years with an extra week's pay? Or giving them an extra ?% bonus based on their salary for the year they crossed the 5, 10, etc., mark?

I just think if anything is done at all for the 5 and 10 year achievements, it should be monetary (or gift card) gifts. Maybe save the fun stuff from the reward catalog for other achievements. That stuff is fun too, just not as a reward for staying with a company; something few people do nowadays.