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Sunday, January 16, 2011

DJ Tanner

I started reading “Reshaping It All” by Candace Cameron Bure this week.

In the book she writes about how she has gotten into the best shape in her life in her 30’s after having three kids. She says she is 25 pounds less now then she was on Full House. And she has managed to maintain that weight for years.

But it isn’t a diet book, she isn’t pushing any particular diet on the reader. Yes, she talks about dieting and clean eating, but she talks more about using God to fulfill the needs that she was using food for in the past. She gives real-life examples of experiences she’s had and then what she learned from them. She then uses scripture to illustrate God’s promises for us if we always seek Him first above all else.

It is a lot like the First Place diet plan that I’d done a Bible study with several years ago.

What I like about the book are the ends of each chapter. She gives an overview of the ‘lesson’ you were supposed to have realized in the chapter, then she reprints the scripture she referenced. Next she reprints a fan's e-mail or letter and answers the questions asked. It makes it very personal. Finally she gives a single recipe, something easy to make, that she uses herself.

I’m only halfway through the book but I am enjoying it. It isn’t really a memoir, though we are getting to know her a bit. It can be used as a devotional and it is at times convicting- especially for those of us who struggle with emotional eating.

I definitely recommend picking it up if you are a woman and need a little inspiration to follow any diet plan.

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