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Monday, January 3, 2011

Adventures in Baby-Getting

I swear I should have a blog named that just to illustrate all the tumultuousness that comes along with adoption. Rather it should be "Mis-adventures". But alas, the name is already taken...

Once again, another frustrating and annoying task for adoption occurred, or really didn't occur, today.

I scheduled an appointment on December 23rd through a website given to me by our Home Study agent to go get our fingerprints done via LiveScan. Apparently, while more expensive, this avenue of fingerprinting and background checks is about 90% quicker than sending in a fingerprint card through the regular ways. I scheduled mine and my husband's appointment for this afternoon 30 minutes apart. We actually drove over there (a town about 20 minutes away) particularly early to stop at Lowe's and then we debated going to the fingerprint place early, but decided against it because we didn't want to have to sit and wait. So, we leave the store in plenty of time to get to our destination according to our Garmin. We arrive and don't see a suite number on the building so we go in and ask. The kind lady said she gets people in there all the time looking for the fingerprint place because the GPS misdirects them there. It is actually located in one parking lot over. So we get back in the car and drive over. We find the building with the correct suite number and go to the door. Locked and lights off. It is 3:35. Our appointment is at 3:45. We walk over to the Sheriff's department next door thinking that would be a logical place for fingerprinting to take place. Nope, someone in there directs us across the street. However, we decide to call the 800 number I have on our receipt (yes, I had already paid in advance). They give us the same address we had and confirm we are in the right place. So we try walking around the building to find another entrance. Some man sees us and ask if we are looking for fingerprints and directs us to a lawyers office across a different street. We go there and the lady in there said it is in the building we were already at...the one with the lights off and door locked. Meanwhile, my husband is still on the phone with the company in charge of the appointments and they are trying to find out why this office is closed. I use my phone to call the office we are at and leave a message, probably not so politely. The woman on the phone with hubby tells us that we just need to reschedule.

By this point I'm angry and frustrated. I swear it seems that nothing in this process can be easy and simple. Nothing is what it seems.

You would think, that with such an in-depth and lengthy operation like adoption, that there would be ways to make things go smoother. You would think they would try to make things as painless as possible for pre-adoptive parents. You would think...

Maybe no one else goes through this crap...maybe it's just me...I sure wouldn't wish it on anyone, but I'm sure others have gone through similar things. I just pray that things get easier. I have a feeling they won't.

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