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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sugar Sweetie Honeypie

It has been one week since I started my sugar fast. I know there are some items I’ve eaten where the sugar or sugar substitute snuck itself in there, but I’ve done really well at avoiding the obvious sugars in the regular everyday diet.

I’ve not noticed any harsh side effects like headaches or cravings. This surprises me because I usually always get a headache and wear my grumpy pants when I start a new diet or cleanse. I haven’t been too extra tired, though I’ve had to cut back on my gym visits because of an injury, so that might have made that difference.

And I’ve actually lost weight. I didn’t weigh until this morning but I could tell my pants were fitting differently. Honestly, weight loss was not my goal when I started the cleanse a week ago, but it is a plus!

I’ve also noticed that I am able to eat more carbs without the normal carb affects because I’ve cut all the ‘bad’ sugars out. That’s a good trade off, IMO.

With no sugar comes no cravings. I don’t actually want chocolate or run for something sweet when I’m hungry. That doesn’t mean that my mouth doesn’t water when those items are available. There is a box of chocolates in my office kitchen right now. I have to keep it ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ I’d say the lack of cravings is the best thing I’ve noticed so far. Me not caring about chocolate is a HUGE thing!

Here’s to hoping I can make it another week. Our office holiday party is Friday night. Free dessert…uh oh!

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