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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stop, Look, and Listen

I have so many things that I 'have' to take running with me now that it has gotten cooler- gloves, jacket, key, water, hat, ipod, phone, etc...

I walked out of the house today without my ipod and didn't realize it until I was down the road. I thought about turning back, but I was only going to do a short run and thought I could handle it without the ipod for once.

I've read about those runners that don't believe in using headphones or ipods, etc, and I always understood their need to take in their surroundings. I always thought I wasn't one of those people. Turns out, running without the sounds in my ears allowed me to hear the sounds of nature to the point where I was able to spot two hawks fighting over their territory. I stopped running and watched them for a while.

I tried to take pictures with my phone, but they didn't turn out well. By the time I got home and went back in my car with my real camera, they were gone.

Here are the pictures: 

I don't have the proper computer programs to zoom and de-pixelate or whatever. So those will have to do.

It was really cool and peaceful to watch this. Something I would have never noticed with my earpods in.

So my lesson learned for today is that I need to occasionally take some time with nature while running, rather than to distract myself from my surroundings, I need to stop, look, and listen.

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