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Thursday, December 9, 2010


…All of my blogging about debt reduction and saving money and I go out and get an iphone. I know I know…

It physically pained me to hand over my debit card and pay the money for the phone.

However, the key word there is “debit”. I paid cash. I had the money in my account. I don’t have to make payments on the phone because I couldn’t afford it.

My Blackberry started falling apart a few nights ago and it had been 6 months since my upgrade was available and I’d been strongly considering the change. The purchase was not taken lightly.

I did not buy the phone because it was the newest thing and I wanted it. Was it necessary to get the iphone? No, I could have gotten something cheaper. However, a smart phone is necessary to my lifestyle. And the price wasn’t much different than the other brands.

In this situation, the benefits outweighed the cost. If I hadn’t had the cash, I wouldn’t have bought any phone at all.

I’ve learned not to buy things I want just because I want them- most of the time I don’t have the funds for those items anyway and would end up charging them. Take time to think about the purchase and while you’re thinking, save up the cash. While it might hurt to pay the full amount in cash, at least it is yours once you’ve paid.

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