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Monday, December 6, 2010


That’s what I felt like this morning while getting a drug test, which is required for adoption applications.

I was in a fine mood on this Monday morning. Only 8 more days of work left for the year, I thought I was just gonna slide on through until the holidays.

Boy, that got changed up real quick.

I remembered this morning at about 10 minutes until 8:00 that I need to go have my urinalysis and blood test for the adoption home study paperwork. I had done part of the blood test last week, but the doctor had not ordered all that was needed to complete the paperwork such as Hepatitis, HIV, etc… So I got to the office at exactly 8AM, when they opened up. I wasn’t the first one in, so I knew there would be waiting involved. However, I was NOT prepared.

After 50 minutes, I had to go to the bathroom, so I went up to the desk and said “I’ve been here for an hour waiting for a lab test, I have to go to the bathroom, can I please go ahead and do my test?” (Maybe I didn’t say ‘please’.) So she took my name and I went back and sat down. I saw her come back 10 minutes later with a cup in hand, so I’m thinking I’m going to get to go. Nope, turns out they’d had me down for the wrong test. I needed a drug test AND urinalysis. I also needed a blood test and some sort of skin test where I come back in 48 hours to see the results. Plus, because they’d changed software on December 1st, my information was no longer in the computer, so they had to treat me like a new patient. I also was told that I would have to pay up front for the drug test because it wouldn’t be covered by insurance since it was a personal request. Lovely.

I finally got called back, still having to go potty, and sat down with patient accounts and gave them all my info. Then I was sent to sit in the lab waiting area. The lab worker said she could go ahead and take my blood but knew I had to go to the bathroom so she would try to get the drug test person to come and get me, I told her to go ahead and take my blood if I was going to have to sit and wait anyway. After that, she took me to the drug testing area where I felt like I was being treated as a criminal.

By this point, I was frustrated, impatient, pissed and about to cry, so they couldn’t have done anything to assuage my feelings. I had to once again sit and give info to the nurse. She then made me stow my purse and jacket. Took me to the restroom where she propped open the door. I thought to myself “I’m going to have to pee in front of her, with the door open!!!!” She then placed the handle on the faucet and turned it on and told me to wash my hands. I did. She then told me where to fill the cup to and not to flush. Then she took the handle back off the faucet, left and closed the door- thank goodness. I did my business and opened the door. Then I had to ask for her to replace the handle so that I could wash my hands again. Then I had to go back to her desk and fill out more info and watch her seal everything up. I honestly felt like I was being processed into jail or something. Though, I’m sure that is much worse.

I still hadn’t gotten my skin test done, but thankfully had gone to the bathroom. I then went to sit back and wait…for about 10 more minutes…the nurse came and got me and did the test. She then informed me that the doctor had NOT ordered one thing on my blood test and that I would have to go back and get that done (a third blood test). She also asked me why I was having all this done. I told her it was for adoption and she said “Is this your first? Are you excited?” and I said, “Right now, I’m pissed. No one who gets pregnant has to go through this and I’ve been here for two hours and I’m just trying to hold it all in.” She said she understood and was apologetic.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault. Wires got crossed and things weren’t explained correctly to anyone. No, I shouldn’t have had to wait that long, and no, they shouldn’t have lost all my info, but there was no one person to blame.

As soon as I paid, I walked out the door and burst into tears. I’d missed two hours of work which I now have to make up and was just emotionally drained. I’m not a patient person, but the waiting I went through this morning would have made anyone angry.

Update: After talking to my husband, who also had an appointment the same day, he let me know that he had no trouble other than having to wait. Then later, we figured out why he didn't have any trouble...they didn't order the right tests. He didn't have to go through the drug screening test and all the mess involved. He also didn't have to pay like they told me he would. This is even after I heard them telling each other about my husband coming in later that day and that he needs to be sent to new patient accounts, etc. Argh.

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