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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Serious Business

War Eagle, fly down the field!
Ever to conquer, never to yield.
War Eagle, fearless and true,
Fight on you orange and blue.
Go! Go! Go!
On to vict'ry, strike up the band!
Give 'em hell, give 'em hell,
Stand up and yell, hey!
War Eagle, win for Auburn,
Power of Dixieland!

This was probably one of the first songs I ever learned to sing. Of course, my parents taught me the "child-friendly" version where, instead of "Give 'em hell, give 'em hell," I said, "hit 'em high, hit 'em low."

The lyrics are otherwise strong and prideful. They speak to the strength and comraderie of the school they represent. As does the fandom in my family.

We are Auburn fans through and through (though, there are some rogue fans in the extended family). My dad is an alumnus, as is my granddaddy. And while I didn't go, I would never turn my back on the school that I was taught to love from birth.

I'm saying all this because of the negative press Auburn is receiving right now because their star quarterback is under investigation for being paid to attend there.

While I don't think this is true- the player and his family have denied knowing anything about this. I don't doubt that any college has paid players in some way in the past. I think this is shameful. These kids, with their whole lives ahead of them, are being bought and told that their talent is the only thing worth the money. They are probably also being allowed to work less in classes and given free passes when they fail test or miss homework assignments. It's kind of sad.

What is just as sad, though, is that this young man, Cam Newton, with his whole life ahead of him, which may or may not include football, has now had his name tarnished and possibly lost the race for the Heisman trophy in wich he was the frontrunner.

It is a shame that coaches, schools and the fans alike, would be so serious about a game.

I get it. I know it is a big deal in many ways. But, honestly, it is just a game. 

I, myself, love the game. I love the fellowship it brings. I love the season it represents.

But I don't want anyone to be ruined by petty allegations, true or false, because other people want to see a winner lose.

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