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Monday, November 8, 2010

Job/Health Connection

HR Magazine currently has an article entitled “Does Work Make You [Employees] Fat?”

The article explains how people within the same social circles or environments gain and lose weight together, just by being near each other. Where “people are connected, their health is connected” says one researcher. (Wells 28)

I believe that this may be true, but I think it has to do more with the environment itself than the people surrounding an individual.

My job is 99.949399992928484% sedentary. And when I started working at such a job, I gained weight. I was sitting all the time. There were candy bars in the vending machines readily available. There were fast food restaurants all around the building. It was really easy to gain weight. The environment made it easy, not the people around me.


I lost weight in the same environment. I still sit 99.949399992928484% of the time at work. However, I started to exercise after work. I also started to go home at lunch rather than out, or bring a sack lunch in. I don’t visit vending machines (luckily, my new office building doesn’t have them).

It is all about motivation. If the workplace wants to offer a program to aid employees in their health goals, I say “Great!” But if the workplace doesn’t offer these things, then it is up to the employee to see the problem and change the way they handle the environment. Those things may still be there, the change has to come from within the employee.People can't sit around and wait for the employer to offer programs to help them be healthy. It might never happen.

Wells, Susan J. "Does Work Make You Fat?" HR Magazine Oct. 2010: 26-32. Web.

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