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Monday, November 15, 2010

Exciting? Facebook news

I have never used FB (Facebook) to contact my friends unless it was someone I did not have email addresses for. If they are truly someone I contact regularly, I have their email address. I don’t use FB to send personal messages.

Maybe this will be a game-changer. I just know from past experiences that if I want people to respond, I send an email, not a FB message.

It is my understanding that the new FB function will allow it to become a portal; something like interactive chat including text messages (Yahoo already does this). It will incorporate filtering so that FB friends’ messages go one place, all others go somewhere else (Gmail does this?).

I’m not sure this is actually ‘big’ news in any way other than FB is entering into a new competition, not just against other social media but against other internet messaging and communication sites.

We’ll see.

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