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Monday, November 22, 2010

Dressing and Decorating

I didn't blog for two days. The first day I truly forgot, the second day I was just too busy.

My parents and brother and I had our family Thanksgiving meal last night. I started out yesterday morning boiling a chicken:

A chicken on Thanksgiving? Yeah, I attempted to make my Grandmother's Dressing*. I haven't ever tried before and got bold.

While that boiled, I climbed in the attic and got down tubs and tubs of Christmas decor:

I also made the bread for the dressing:

The first thing I decorated must have been the last thing I took down last year:

My Granddaddy's hat always hangs there.

Rolo helped me decorate as well:

After the chicken boiled and the bread was done, I mixed up the super secret recipe and baked. The final product looked tasty:

However, it wasn't the right color, so I know I did something wrong. The thing about Grandmother's recipes is that she doesn't actually measure anything so I had to guess at amounts. It tasted good, but it just wasn't hers. She passed away last year and we all miss her. Hopefully I can keep trying and learn to make it perfectly.

My mom, sister-in-law and brother all said the same thing, the dressing was good, but it wasn't right. I'll try again at Christmas.

At dinner, we all watched old Auburn vs. Alabama football games that were running on ESPN. It was fun to see Bo Jackson play again.

After I got home, I watched the AMAs to see NKOTB and BSB perform together. I was more impressed by Christina Aguilera:

She has had the best voice since she was on MMC. If I could ever sing, I would want to sound like her.

The NKOTBSB performance was fun, but not great. I'm more of an N*Sync girl myself. But that is a story for a whole 'nother blog.

*Dressing is not the same as stuffing. Please don't confuse the two. And if you are from the south, you eat dressing. It is so much better that stuffing.

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