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Monday, November 15, 2010

Blond in a Beemer?

I am currently reading a fiction/chick lit book called ‘Dark Tort’ by Diane Mott Davidson.

It is entertaining. I don’t have anything bad to say about the plot. But somehow I started reading this not realizing it was part of a series. It bugs me to no end when I haven’t read the prior books. Normally, when I realize this, I will stop reading and go back and read the others. But this is the 13th (!) in the series, and I just can’t do that. So I continued reading it.

Some other things I have noticed:

For some reason this author uses a lot of one word questions during character dialog. Diane? She would just go on typing as the person is talking. Character? They would be speaking and interjecting these strange one word question/sentences, like I just did. It is kind of annoying.

The author also spells ‘blonde’ as “blond”. Now, I found that this is acceptable after having looked it up online, but every time I read it I think of the Julie Brown song:

(not the actual video)

She also refers to BMW cars as “beemers.” Had I never been corrected for spelling it ‘beamer’ years ago myself, I wouldn’t have known this is wrong. But I know that true BMW enthusiasts spell it ‘Bimmer.’ How can an author and her editor not catch this?

I often catch misspellings in books I am reading (I know, I know, I often DON’T catch them on my own blog), but these words are ones that I guess are considered acceptable but not common. I would think that an author who has written at least 13 books would spell the more common way.

Regardless, the book is entertaining and I’m anxious to get to the end and found out whodunit.

If it ends well, I might consider reading the prior books.

That is, when I get my own bookshelves cleaned off.

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