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Monday, November 29, 2010


Okay, okay…so I took some time off. I really was going to blog for the week of Thanksgiving, then I realized it would be my 101st post and felt I need something really good to post. And I had nuthin’.

I’ve still got nuthin’ but I figured I’d better get back in the habit of posting.

I took most of the week off last week.

I refinished/painted a table:

(bad quality cell phone picture)

We’ve had this table in our house/garage for almost 4 years with every intention of using it for something, but after we stripped it, we didn’t do anything else. I finally decided to use it for a TV table so that we could get all our TV accessories from spreading out across the wall. Previously, we had the TV and DVR and DVD player and Wii and Stereo etc, on a coffee table and end table which took up over 6 feet across. In order to put up my Christmas tree this year, I needed to move all that. So, I painted the top and front black and stained the sides. I think it turned out pretty well. The hubby and I had quite a time getting the large monstrosity of a TV back off the floor onto that table. It must weight over 100 lbs.

I did take some time after all that to be lazy and watch several made-for-TV holiday movies. I record a bunch to my DVR each year and watch them when I feel like having a good cry…or even when I don’t.

The dogs were lazy with me:


On Wednesday I put up the trees. Yes, trees, with an ‘s’. I have two. I didn’t decorate them yet, but I got them down from the attic and put them up. I decorated them on Friday.

This one is in the dining room at the front of the house.
It is decorated with all bird ornaments and twinkly white lights.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, obviously. The hubby and I drove up to Alabama for our family gathering. I carried my camera around me the whole time. But somehow, I managed to not take even one picture. Oops.

Friday, the hubby had to be at work at 4 am (retail). So I got up too and decided to venture out to Kmart. I bought my niece and nephew their gifts. And then went down to Steinmart because I had a coupon. I ended up buying my mom’s gift and my MIL’s birthday gift there. I also bought the dogs their gifts:

You can see who decided to take them both.

But then he decided he wanted to be closer to his brother…

After I got back I decorated tree number one and then got stuff ready for tree number two. I decorated it on and off during the nail-biting Iron Bowl. (War Eagle!)

I’ve collected ornaments since I was little and have a ton. I love my trees!

One of my cats wanted to escape and stared longingly out the door while I was decorating…

I guess we were yelling too loudly at the football game.

Friday night I went out with some friends…and again, didn’t take pictures. In my defense, we are really boring people and only played board games (Life, Outburst, Taboo). Okay, so maybe that isn’t an excuse, but it is the truth.

The rest of the weekend was a whole lot of me watching sappy TV movies and my husband working.

I did do a 6 mile run yesterday. Had to run off all that bad-for-me food I’d eaten.

So that’s it for my 101st post. I don’t know why 101 is such a special number, it isn’t any more special than 100 or 57 or 348, but for some reason it was a big deal to me. I guess it shouldn’t have been.

I am now going to get back to my regularly scheduled programming. And I’ll try to remember that even though I have my days off, I should still blog.

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