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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You picked the wrong people to mess with, Marie Claire.

I’m really, really new to this blogging world (though I’ve attempted blogs for years, but never committed). And I’m fairly new to the Twitterverse so I'm speaking as a layman. But I’ve noticed the camaraderie aligned with both aspects of social media and I think that it speaks to the importance of teamwork and the ability to overlook differences, such as locale, personality, and/or culture.

This can be seen quite strongly in the events that have taken place over this past weekend.

The women’s fashion magazine Marie Claire published an article by Katie Drummond called “The Hunger Diaries

In the article she mentions six popular food and exercise, aka Healthy Living, bloggers. Drummond talks about the effect that these blogs have on women and that the bloggers themselves probably have eating and exercise disorders.

Yes, the author did her research. She interviewed the six women. She even attended an event that the women put together for the 2nd year in a row. But she obviously didn’t announce to them the real reason she was writing the article.

Now that it has been published, they are fighting mad and aren’t going to take it. Most of them have responded on their blogs. There are also many, many negative comments on the article page itself and on the Marie Claire Facebook page.

It seems Marie Claire, or at least Katie Drummond, picked the wrong people to take on. And she’s gonna lose this fight.

Being new to the blogging world, I would love it if my blog became something people flocked to because they were inspired by it. (I realize I’ve not written too much inspiring content on here, but I’m still growing.) At the same time, I wouldn’t want people to take things I’ve said or done for myself and measure their life and accomplishments against it. I feel that these six women are the same way. They started a blog in order to tell their story; to help themselves. In the process, the information they posted helped others. It got attention and people listened and returned daily to learn more. The bloggers are probably proud of that fact. But I don’t think that any blogger should have to have a disclaimer saying “The information contained herein is meant only for me and no one should do or say what I do or say.” People should have common sense. Everyone is flawed. If I were to be inspirational, I would want people to also know that I’m not perfect. These six bloggers are sharing their lives with anyone they can in hopes of helping people be better at being themselves, not at being the women they are. They never claimed that they are trying to change their readers’ lives, only their own.

Drummond or someone from Marie Claire needs to go back over these blogs and re-interview these women and get a different perspective. Obviously, by the amount of readers, the comments on the article and the comments on the Facebook page, they shouldn’t have any trouble finding someone with a glowing review of these blogs and their writers.

I, for one, am now more interested than ever in reading the blogs by these women and have added them to my Blogroll so that I can read them daily and so that my readers can as well.

Kath Eats Real Food

Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Meals and Miles

Healthy Tipping Point

Hangry Pants

Eat Live Run

Having said all of that, I don’t think a boycott of Marie Claire is called for, like some of the readers/bloggers have done. This was one article, in an otherwise well-written magazine. Boycott the writer, yes, but the magazine should get a chance to correct itself and reconcile with these bloggers. I’m sure they have editors and PR people all over this now. The people have spoken…the ball is in Marie Claire’s court.

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