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Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend festivities

My niece and nephew stayed with us this weekend. We spent Saturday watching The Addams Family and baking some Halloween style goodies. We also did some decorating:
The mantle needs something else...just means I have to go shopping.

...Where I keep my broom

My niece made about 12 of these Marshmallow Witches.
They were pretty intricate and she did a great job!

My nephew spent hours on the details of this Graveyard Cake.

Notice the carved fencing on the outer border cookies.

The maker with the completed project.

The kids were too grossed out by my Mummy Toes. They didn't eat any of them!

They both helped make the Mummy Head Pizzas. And we all ate those!

My nephew loves the band Skillet, so naturally he had to copy their "Awake" CD cover.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I had a little trouble melting the white chocolate so two of our baking projects failed almost before they began. Otherwise, all went well and tasted great!

(All of these recipes are available online except the Graveyard Cake. That was from the mind of my nephew.)

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