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Friday, October 1, 2010

Melting Salads?

My husband is currently in school.
In one of his classes he is doing a project in which he must determine a subject to teach to 2nd graders.

He decided to do his project on the USA being a “melting pot.”

Apparently, in his research, he found that “melting pot” is no longer used because it is not politically correct. The correct term is “salad bowl”.

After I guffawed at the ridiculousness of “melting pot” being un-PC, I did some research of my own to figure out why. Here is what I came up with:

Melting Pot = All cultures MELT together and become one.
(a pot is a container)

Salad Bowl = All cultures are MIXED together but retain their own identity.
(a bowl is a container)

I get the analogy. I understand what ‘they’ are trying to do. But I don’t get why we have to change terminology when everyone understands what is meant by it.

I know of no one Hispanic, African, Indian, Asian, British, Canadian or otherwise in America that was offended by this term (I’ve never asked, but I really don’t think it concerned people). I don’t think anyone that learned this term as a child assumed that when Asians come to America, they lose their own ethnic identities, traditions, and cultures and “melt” into the American society; same for all the other cultures.

America is a great place to be BECAUSE of its wide array of cultures. Why do ‘they’ have to make up some issue with a simple term and force people to change what they’ve always been taught?


Am I wrong? Were people of non-American born races offended by this? Am I being ignorant and un-PC? I certainly don’t want to come off that way. As I said, I understand why “melting pot” might be misconstrued, but I don’t think anyone would have felt offended had they not been told why.

Please, tell me if I’m wrong. I’m willing to admit my mistake.

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Kevin said...

Well, not being a foreigner, I guess I can't speak directly to the question. But I think it's a ludicrous idea. It's probably just something some grad student came up with as part of a dissertation, or an idea a professor at a no-name school developed to try to get famous. I agree with you, it's stupid.