Wisdom brightens a person's face and changes its hard appearance. -Ecclesiatstes 8:1

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A light in the darkness

There is a church sign here in my town that has displayed the same message for well over a month.

It says something about light overcoming darkness. It isn’t a biblical quote but I believe it is in reference to John 1:5- “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

I once read a devotional where it explained how you can light a match in a dark room and the light shines throughout, but if you were to cup your hands in such a way as to “hold” darkness in a lit room, the room still remains lit. I thought that was a great analogy.

And oh so fitting for today when the Chilean miners have been rescued out of their darkness. It seems from several quotes and from several pieces of footage that these men have been in the presence of God and know faith like no other. Upon their return to the surface they held up their Bibles and knelt down immediately to pray.

They are wearing $450 sunglasses to keep their eyes safe from the light exposure. But it seems to me the Light has been with them for 70 days and I pray that they shine that light into the lives of all those around them. I pray that they have truly been visiting with God and that they tell their stories and that those 33 men who have had their lives changed by this event, can use the Light to change the lives of whomever they reach.

Praise God for being there with those men. Please remain in them for all their days to come- Amen.

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