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Thursday, October 21, 2010

It kinda takes the fun out of it…

I just checked online and realized that my town is allowing children to Trick-or-Treat on both Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st. While I’m not certain, I have the idea that this is because Halloween falls on a Sunday. And Halloween on a Sunday is pure evil!


Okay, I get that some Christians believe that Halloween is a devil-worshipping holiday. (I am a pro-Halloween Christian myself.) But I guarantee you that 90% of the churches in the local area are offering Halloween-alternative festivities such as a Trunk-or-Treat or Fall Festival, etc. And if you don’t want to walk around your neighborhoods asking for candy, then take your kids to those, but don’t change the date of Halloween, or even worse, make it last two nights. While being a bit stupid, it also costs more money!

I, for one, am refusing to do Halloween on the 30th. I will not have my lights on and I will probably remove my outdoor Halloween décor in order to appear not so welcoming. The thing is, if I do this for the 30th, I won’t put it back out for the 31st. Oh Well.

Am I being overly dramatic, or is this just ridiculous?

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