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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If I don’t eat that, can I still be healthy?

I read several “Healthy Living” blogs. I’ve detected a staple among them.

Well, four staples.





I don’t like any of those. And I don’t mean I just don’t eat them. I mean I’ve tried them all several times and I DO. NOT. LIKE. THEM. I cannot eat them without being a bit disgusted by the taste.

There is nothing I’ve found that makes oatmeal taste good. I don’t know how people eat it as a healthy food without pouring sugar on it. If I try to make it healthy, it just tastes yucky.

I’ve tried bananas on and off since childhood. But each and every time, I’ve found that I don’t like them. It doesn’t matter at what stage of ripeness they are in. They do not taste good. The kicker is, I love banana smell, I love banana bread, I love banana nut muffins, I love banana “flavored” candies. I just don’t like the real thing. They do not taste like they smell. If they did, I’d love them too.

I’m not a big fan of syrup. I think it is because of the smell. I don’t mind the taste, but the smell makes me sick. So I didn’t have big hopes for honey but I tried it anyway. GROSS! It does not taste good. It is almost too sweet. And coming from someone with a major sweet tooth, that is saying a lot.

Oh, yogurt…I have a love/hate relationship with you. I love the kind that is really not good for you, like the whipped versions in chocolate flavors. I hate the kind that has the fruit mixed in because I cannot stand the chunks in the smoothness. YUCK! Basically it is a texture thing with yogurt. I can eat it, but I don’t enjoy it. I have to force myself to get it down. I’d rather just not deal with it.


There has to be a healthy way to sweeten things sans honey.

There has to be an alternative to the banana as the healthy fruit of choice.

There has to be a way to make oatmeal taste good and be healthy without sugar and without honey.

There has to be a good alternative to yogurt…and I will eat cottage cheese but I’ve eaten it so much that I have made myself sick of it right now.

What are your favorite healthy foods? (I can’t promise I’ll like those either.)


Kevin said...

Honey - agave nectar. It's even called aguamiel in Mexico, according to this site... http://www.allaboutagave.com/ Clearly more expensive than sugar, but not really that much more expensive than honey. It's thinner than honey also.

Oatmeal - quinoa. It's a very versatile South American grain that can be sweetened (with agave) as a warm breakfast cereal, or used in place of rice or small pasta with dinner. Quinoa was considered sacred by the Incas, and Peru still leads the world in its production. Personally, I like red quinoa - it just looks really cool.

Bananas - there are other varieties of bananas that taste different that you can try - plantains, red bananas, and bananitos. Plantains are usually cooked, and I know how much you don't like warm fruit. If you can find them, try the bananitos - they're usually sweeter and have more of a pineapple/tropical taste than plain bananas, but they're also called apple bananas. The point is, they don't just take like bananas.

Yogurt - I'm not sure I can help you much with this one, though there are some brands of yogurt (Dannon light 'n fit, for example) that don't have chunks of fruit. Everything is blended smooth. Just try some different varieties until you find one that doesn't have chunks in it.

If you can't find all these options at your neighborhood grocery store, try Publix or Fresh Market.

Hope this helps!!!

Blake said...

I've heard of the agave nectar, but I don't hold much hope for it. I guess I shouldn't knock it before I try it.
Mike and I eat quinoa regularly. But not for breakfast. I'll have to try that.
I like fried plantains. Does that count? ;)
I've tried about every yogurt. Like I said, it just isn't even worth the effort to me.