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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Memories

I’ve already established the fact that I. Love. Halloween.
The only problem is that I don’t know when I started this love, because I don’t remember dressing up as a child.

I know that I did. I know that I went Trick-or-Treating, but I don’t remember details.

The only costume I ever remember wearing was an Angel that my mom made. She tirelessly made beautiful wings for it. I went to the school carnival in it and somewhere- I lost my wings. I never found them. No one ever turned them in. My mom got SO mad at me. (When I told her this story a few weeks ago, she apologized for getting mad).

Other people have pictures of them in their childhood costumes, there are none of me.

I am pretty sure I never dressed up in high school for Halloween- I was too cool to Trick-or-Treat by then. We did have “Fall Fling” dances at school where people dressed up. I went as Garth of “Wayne’s World” fame while my boyfriend went as Wayne one year. I don’t remember what I went as any other time. I also went to a costume party one year at a friend’s house where I dressed as a “skater zombie”…again, items I could pull from my closet.

I started wanting to dress up again in college. I would dress as some version of a witch (like from the movie “The Craft”) for several years. It was easy and I could usually use something from my closet.

I rarely have anywhere to go on Halloween anymore to dress up.

I had everyone dress up last year at work because it fell on a weekday. Little did I know I would be the only one to show up in costume.

Goth Chic

It didn’t bother me too badly though. I still like to dress up. I often wish I had more events to go to so that I could dress up.
We are planning on going somewhere on Saturday for a Halloween gathering. I’ll be dressing up, but I don’t think anyone else I am with will be. My hubby thinks I’m silly.

I’ll post my costume pics next week. Assuming I don’t chicken out of being the only one dressed up again.

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