Wisdom brightens a person's face and changes its hard appearance. -Ecclesiatstes 8:1

Saturday, September 4, 2010

War Eagle!

I am an Auburn University Football Fan. I have been since the day I was conceived. I never had a choice, but I never wanted to make one.

My dad went to Auburn, his father went to Auburn. My uncles went to Auburn, my cousins went to Auburn. We are just an Auburn family. (Except for those few that defected over to the enemy.)

I didn't go to Auburn, but only because I had a full scholarship to school in-state. But that's another story.

I love football season. It is the epitomy of Autumn in the South.

Today is the first Auburn game. I hope we have a great season. Either way, I will still be a fan next year.

I hope you all have a game to go watch this weekend. Enjoy!

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