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Monday, September 27, 2010

Top 5

I’m at a loss for a topic, but I want to make sure I post something. So, today I am going to give a list of the top five things I buy online.
1. Protein Drinks from http://www.dietdirect.com/ contain approximately 60 calories each and 15 grams of protein. And they actually taste good. I buy the liquid concentrate versions; no powders, no chalkiness. My favorite flavor is Green Tea and Cranberry. (can only be found online)

2. Osteo Glucosamine and Chondroitin for dogs. You can buy these from several places online. I just find where it is least expensive. My youngest pup already has hip issues so I started both of my dogs on these and they love them. I hope they are helping them.

3. Digital Picture Prints from http://www.shutterfly.com/. I scrapbook, so I need my pics printed and Shutterfly has a quick turnaround time. I know there are other sites out there and I don’t have any negative or positive opinions on them because I’ve only ever used Shutterfly.

4. Comic Books and/or Graphic Novels from http://www.amazon.com/. I’ve never felt like I belonged when I entered a comic book shop, so I find it easier to order them online. Some of my favorites are the Buffy Season 8 series and the Fables series.

5. Vitamins for myself from http://www.vitacost.com/. I take a handful of vitamins daily and most of the time it is just easier and cheaper to get them online. The prices are comparable if not better than the drugstore.

I am pretty sure these are the items I buy most often online.

Of course I buy music online, but that’s a given for most people these days so I didn’t want to list it.

I do a lot of gift shopping online too but that’s all random items for family and friends.

I love shopping online. Well, I love shopping. And being able to do it online when I don’t have the time to get out and go find what I am looking for is a blessing.

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