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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So out of line...

I went to Quizno’s for supper last night and got behind a man on his cell phone. He was taking an order from the person on the other end and relaying it to the employee. He must have taken like 5 different orders because it took him forever to finish. Then he had to add his own order on. UGH!

This isn’t the first time and I know it won’t be the last time that I’ve gotten in some sort of line behind someone on the phone.

Come on people! This is rude! It is rude to the customers in line behind you, but more so to the person working at the store where you are. These people are trying to serve you. They are there to help you and they might have a question that concerns something they are doing for you, like about bagging your groceries or about using a coupon or about what kind of cheese you want on your sandwich. It is extremely rude for you to be on the phone talking to someone else when you are checking out at a cashier.

Seriously, the phone call can wait. And if it can’t, kindly step out of line and let the person behind you go while you are on the phone. If you are taking an order for someone, then get it before you get in line. If you are having an important business call, then don’t go grocery shopping in the middle of it or if you are at the store when they call, then stop what you are doing and pay 100% of your attention to the caller. If the babysitter is calling you to tell you Johnny fell off the bunkbed, then leave your purchases in the cart and go home. Don’t stand in line and talk on the phone while checking out!

I get it, some phone calls can’t wait. But food ordering and grocery shopping and clothes shopping can. Get out of line…even better, leave the store, conduct your business, come back in and shop ‘til you drop!

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