Wisdom brightens a person's face and changes its hard appearance. -Ecclesiatstes 8:1

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not Thin

Yeah, I’m talking about me.

Yeah, I exercise 5-6 times a week.

Yeah, I’m always on a diet.

No, I’m not skinny.

No, I never will be.

No, I am not dismorphic.

I am just not thin. My BMI is that of an overweight person. Even when I am at my thinnest (still not thin by today’s standards), my BMI is too high.

I have worked out regularly for almost 2 years. Sadly, I’ve also gained weight. And no, it isn’t just muscle.

I have gained muscle, but I’ve also gained fat; as can be shown by the two-thirds of clothes in my closet that don’t fit.

I just wanted to make this declaration because of my post yesterday.

I consider myself fit and healthy, though others might not look at me and think that.

There are always improvements to be made. This is something I will work on for the rest of my life.

It is something you should work on too.

No, it isn’t always fun.

No, it won't show quick results.

No, you may not ever get to where you want to be size-wise.

Yeah, you will feel better.

Yeah, you will see a difference…eventually.

Yeah, people will notice. If not your body change, your attitude change.

Like I said, just do it.

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