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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Islands of Adventure

Disclaimer: I am a childless adult who doesn't ride rides. (so you have some perspective)

My husband and I entered through the "Port of Entry" rather quickly because we had ticket vouchers and didn't have to wait in line.

I'm not sure what the point is of the "POE" area other than some store fronts and a restaurant or two. There is not overlying theme like the rest of the park.

We were headed to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter so we turned right out of the POE and walked straight through Suess Landing. As I said...no kids. I didn't read Suess as a child. My mom prefered the Little Golden Books, so Suess Landing meant nothing to me other than seeing the Grinch here and there. My husband says he liked Green Eggs and Ham as a child so, had we wanted to look around, he might have found something he liked.

After SL, we entered The Lost Continent. I wasn't sure what the actual theme of this area was until I saw Poseidon's Trident. A really big trident. Still, we didn't stick around there.

Exited, we walked right into The Wizarding World. I'd like to say it was "magical". It wasn't. It was really cool. But not the type of shock and awe that would give you goosebumps. I didn't necessarily feel like I was at Hogwarts or Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade. We first entered Zonk's and it was packed. It was very hard to move around in because of the customers and because of the merchandise. There were some cute items in there, but nothing worth buying...to my adult eyes. It was a joke shop. It was connected inside to Honeyduke's candy shop. Also packed. We decided to exit and come back later. We strolled further toward the castle past Butterbeer stands and more store fronts. Sadly, we realized those store fronts were that only. You couldn't go in, you could only look through the windows. There was also The Leaky Cauldron; a real restaurant, but it had a line about 25 people long waiting to be seated. A little bit more walking past stores that weren't real put us at the gates of Hogwart's where we were told that if we had a bag and/or wanted to ride the ride we had to stand in line but if not we could go straight in. Well, I had my small purse (remember this was a last minute decision and I wasn't prepared with the proper carry-in items), so we had to wait in line. We got through the doors and had to get a locker (free for the duration of the ride). The walk through the castle was quick and there were a few items of interest. Then it took us back outside into a the greenhouse. This is where the line halted. We waited for approximately 30 minutes before heading back into the castle. This area of the castle had the moving portraits and other items to see. It was also the introduction to the ride by Harry, Ron and Hermione in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. About 5-10 minutes later we were seated on seat that held four individuals over a moving sidewalk...

That's all I'm going to say about the ride. you just have to go do it yourself. It was well worth the wait in line.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we had walked over to the wand shop to take a picture and someone came out and said "If you want to go in, the entrance is around back." So we thought we'd hit that on the way back out.

Outside the castle is another coaster. We skipped it. Then we saw another line. This was the line for the Post and the Wand Shop!!! We really wanted to go in so we stood in the sweltering heat for 45+ minutes before being led into the tiny Wand Shop and given a brief show/skit. We were then led into the actual shop and my hubby picked out a wand. (Snapes') He also got a hat because his head was getting burned. I got a keychain that looks like a Time Turner. (That's my favorite book/movie.)

After that we started to get on the Dragon Challenge coaster until I got a look at what it actually did. I'm a wimp.

So we walked out of WWofHP and back into The Lost Continent. I started feeling sick from the heat so we sat for a bit and had some water. Then we headed over to Jurassic Park.

My husband LOVES the movies and I enjoy them to so we thought this would be a fun place. Well, it isn't...*childless adult*. We pretty much left that area as soon as we walked through and ended up in Toon Lagoon. This was of no interest to us except the bathrooms so we moved on to Marvel Super Hero Island.

We did a little shopping there and hubby got a bite to eat at Captain America's. Not much else to look at unless you are a big fan o' the superhero genre of comics. Though it was mainly aimed at children.

After that, we found ourselves back at the entrance. We went through the obligatory gift shops and looked at the picture they took of us at the entrance. We didn't purchase it but we can always look it up online and download/purchase it.

The whole adventure was about 5.5 hours long. We did enjoy ourselves, though we felt it would have been better suited for people with children.

I was surprised that WWofHP didn't have more to look at. Maybe there was stuff we missed.

The one thing I wanted to do and didn't do because we forgot was to drink some Butterbeer. I guess we will have to go back someday :)

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