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Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall TV 2010

I watch way too much TV. So much that I have to build a spreadsheet each fall to schedule my DVR recordings.

In my defense though, I’m only lazy on the weekends when my husband is at work and I’m at home with the furkids, which is when I actually sit down to watch most of what I recorded. I rarely watch TV during the week.

This is my fall schedule:
Sundays: Dexter (Showtime)
Mondays: HIMYM (CBS), The Event (new-NBC), Castle (ABC), Hawaii Five-0 (new-CBS)
Tuesdays: Parenthood (NBC), NCIS (CBS), NCIS: LA (CBS), Glee (Fox), No Ordinary Family (new-ABC)
Wednesdays: Modern Family (ABC)
Thursdays: Bones (Fox), The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Fringe (Fox)
Nothing on Fridays and Saturdays.

I know it is a lot. A few of those I watch with my husband; the rest are just mine. And the new ones may not make it past 3-4 episodes on my schedule. I actually hope they don’t so I don’t commit myself to more laziness.

I already have a DVR conflict on Tuesdays so something is going to have to give and it won’t be NCIS, which is my hubby’s favorite.

What are you watching that I’m not?

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend everyone! I hope it is refreshing!


Ryan said...

My line-up...

Family Guy
The Cleveland Show
Mad Men
Attack of the Show
The Daily Show
Web Soup
How I Met Your Mother
Rules of Engagement
Cougar Town
The Vampire Diaries
Big Bang Theory
Modern Family
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Office

Yep, I watch a lot of TV too.

Blake said...

I watch Mad Men too. And I have added a couple: Boardwalk Empire and Blue Bloods (both new). I also watch Melissa and Joey on ABC Family...cause I can't NOT watch Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart :)