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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dirty House? Clean it Up!

(yeah, I totally stole that from the Orbit gum commercials.)

Okay, so, hubby and I have 4 pets and a house full of carpet. In my opinion, the cats aren’t so messy, but our two 80+ lb dogs…that’s another story.

I was never a fan of having them in the house but Mr. BlakesNewFace insisted. And since we live in hot-most-of-the-year Florida, I would feel bad leaving them outside most of the time (although I grew up here, with dogs, and they were always outside, but they had a pool to swim in).

Anyway, my house shows the signs of the inside animals. And I keep it clean! It’s possible! I work full time and keep a clean house! And I have my cleaning schedule on an Excel spreadsheet!

Oops, did I just admit that?

I learned a few years ago about a system that keeps my house mostly clean (at times still messy, but clean), most of the time.

I’ve separated my house into zones and assigned each zone to a day of the week. So immediately, after I arrive home from the gym after work, before I cook dinner and shower, I clean that zone. My cleaning days are Sunday through Thursday which gives me Fridays and Saturdays to be lazy and do what I want!

I’ve kept up this schedule for almost 2 years and it has worked. There have been a few times when I’ve gotten off track and had to do one big deep clean before I started on my schedule again, but all in all, the schedule has helped me out tremendously.

As an example, I will share my schedule. I know some of you will have bigger or smaller houses, with more or less rooms. It is still possible to make a schedule and follow through, making the house-cleaning process oh-so-much easier on you.

Sunday- I clean the Master and one guest bedroom. I vacuum, dust and change the sheets on our bed (and if we’ve had a guest, then that bed too). If there are stray items I’ve just strewn around through the week, I collect them and put them in their proper places. I also empty the trash cans (or make my hubby do it). I also do laundry on these days.

Monday- Our Living Room is fairly large so it gets a day to itself. I dust and vacuum it and put away the dog toys and fluff the pillows on the couches. I also vacuum off the couch cushions where the cats have been sleeping. And if by chance I was too lazy to have vacuumed the bedrooms on Sunday, I just run the vacuum on down the hall and get those as well.

Tuesday- We have two full bathrooms so I clean those together. Cleaning bathrooms is pretty straight forward, so I won’t explain that. Oh, and it is another laundry day.

Wednesday- My kitchen, laundry room and dining room are all connected, so I just sweep those on the same day. I also clean the counters, put away dishes, and clean up the clutter where my hubby has thrown his stuff as he walks in the door. I added sweeping the back deck to this day too, because I already have the broom in hand.

Thursday- We have a 2nd guest bedroom which is actually the dogs’ room/office. The dogs’ crates are in there and it gets pretty furry. So on Thursdays I run the vacuum through and dust the furniture. I also vacuum the hallway and clean off our small foyer floor on this day. Also, another laundry day.

That leaves Friday and Saturday free!

I know you are thinking, “What about deep cleanings?” I didn’t forget about them. I assigned one week a month to be deep cleaning week where I clean mirrors, move out the dog crates and clean behind them, clean the windows if necessary, mop the tile (with a mop instead of my feet and a wet rag), wash the rugs, change the cat litter, etc. So it all gets done, and stays rather clean throughout the month.

There are times when we have visitors when I will need to spot clean high traffic areas before they arrive, but having already cleaned the rooms once that week, they won’t need much of a touch up.

My schedule makes life so much easier. I understand that some of you have more than 2 people and therefore more than 3 loads of laundry a week, but I think it can still be done. Just work with it until you get your schedule right. Then your only issue will be feeling guilty when you are too busy to do the item that is on that day’s schedule…it happens.

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