Wisdom brightens a person's face and changes its hard appearance. -Ecclesiatstes 8:1

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Did you ever dig yourself into a hole? People do it often in conversations. It equates to “putting your foot in your mouth.” But those are pretty easy to get out of…or at least to move on from.

Debt is a different story.

You dig the hole. But you don’t realize you are in the hole. You actually feel like you haven’t dug a hole at all. But at some point, you realize you’ve fallen in. And you don’t have a rope, ladder or Batman’s grappling gun to use for escape. So how do you get out? You dig your way out. This could take a long time, depending on your intensity, but you just keep digging. Sometimes you fall back down a little bit, but you get back to digging.

Ok, so my analogy is getting old.

My hubby and I started our life together in debt. And we could just have easily kept going the way we were. But we realized that there had to be a way out. Our way out is provided by Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps. And I will recommend him and his teachings to anyone. I only wish I’d known when I was younger what I know now. If I’d taken any of his classes in college, or high school, my monetary situation would be enviable. But I didn’t, and I had to make mistakes to get where I am. I just want to make others aware of this program; that your life can be better when it comes to money. It might be painful to get out of that hole, but once you start climbing out and see the light at the top, you feel so much more secure.

If you have any debts, I suggest you look up a Financial Peace University course near you and attend. I actually recommend it if you don’t have debt, it involves good information for anyone at any stage of life. It isn’t too late.

As for us, we have about a year to go. Less time than that would be great, but a year is a lot shorter than how long we’d have just been paying minimums on our debt. Seeing that number shrink every month and seeing our goal of adoption get closer is our inspiration and motivation. We are getting there!

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