Wisdom brightens a person's face and changes its hard appearance. -Ecclesiatstes 8:1

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So much for that.

Well, I didn't follow through with my own idea. It seems the "theme" that I so very much thought was a good idea didn't ever give birth to any actual blog related posts. Imagine that! I don't really have an idea today either, but I've been in a creative mood lately. Or, I guess I should say, I've been in the mood to create. I just don't know what... I want to re-learn Photoshop. I went to school for graphics yet I don't work in the field so I've lost whatever skills I had. I want to paint and draw- but I've never been able to do that. I want to sew, but I would really have to learn how first. I can do the basic stuff, but not anything like using a pattern. I want to scrapbook. And I actually have but I don't set enough time aside to do it. I manage to make about one full scrapbook a year. I guess that is better than none. I want to be make funny posts on Twitter but I don't think my sense of humor translates well in 140 characters or less. I want to write a book (don't we all) but none of my ideas are meaty enough. And of course, I want to blog. I want to get my random thoughts out there in the WWW for all to see. Why? I'm not sure, but everyone else is doing it, right? So, here I am. I am going to blog. I will try to keep up with it. I will try to write thoughts as they come to me. Too bad the best ideas come when I am nowhere near a computer and I forget why they were good ideas by the time I sit down to type them out. My goal will be to write something once a day. It might be one line. But I will set that as my goal. And we’re off…

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