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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poles for Polls

Yesterday was preliminary Election Day in Florida. And I’ve noticed all the signs around for months and they didn’t really bother me. But driving to my polling place, they stuck out like sore thumbs. They were placed right on the corner of the polling place, going up the road, into the parking lot of the church where I vote. Really? I just don’t get it. I actually understand a voter placing his or her favorites’ endorsements in their yard at home. This might actually influence friends and neighbors. I might think “oh, Mr. Jones likes that candidate. Mr. Jones is a very smart guy with similar values to me. I should probably look into that candidate.” Or, “Mr. Jones is a lawyer and he is supporting that candidate for Judge. I trust him, so that is probably who I need to vote for too.” Or even, “Mr. Jones is a teacher and supports the half cent tax raise for education. I guess it is a good thing then.” But… I don’t get why candidates and/or their supporters feel the need to litter the roadways with their signage. I don’t see how it helps. It just makes them look obnoxious. It doesn’t raise awareness of that person. Yes, it does raise awareness that there is an election looming on the horizon. But if I’m not already aware of the election, then I probably don’t care and I probably don’t vote. If I do vote, which I do, I don’t care who has more signs out at the stoplight. I’m not going to google a candidate while I’m waiting for the light to turn green just so I can see where they stand on an issue. And most likely, by the time I get home, I won’t remember the candidate’s name – no matter how many signs they have out there. I just think the signage, on the little rinky-dink metal poles and cardboard is a waste of money and resources. They don’t help. I can’t be the only one that thinks this! Maybe the government can limit them to only personal property and not that of businesses and city and county roadways. They are just tacky and annoying. I really wonder if they help candidates win the race. Do they go around asking people if they voted for Candidate A because they saw his/her sign around town more than others? Who made the decision that these things were helpful to getting elected? They certainly didn’t ask me! On a side note…why do political candidates seem to be exempt from following the “Do Not Call” Registry?

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