Wisdom brightens a person's face and changes its hard appearance. -Ecclesiatstes 8:1

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I LOVE lipstick. I have at least 5 tubes. That probably isn’t a lot when compared to the average woman, but it is a lot for me. Why is that a lot for me? It is a lot because I rarely wear lipstick. Yes, I said I love lipstick. I love the vast array of color choices. I love the way it looks on people (on me, in certain colors). But, although I love it, I hate it. I know they (the powers that be) advertise lipstick on tv and in magazines all the time. TPTB say that their lasts longer than all other lipsticks. They even show someone like Beyoncé wiping her mouth and it not coming off. This is laughable. If you watch, she doesn’t actually WIPE her lips, like any normal person would do after eating. She pats them. That is, that’s what they have you think. Whether she actually even touches her lips is certainly a question. Anyway, lipstick doesn’t stay on. At least it doesn’t stay on your normal everyday person like me. I get up in the morning. I shower, I eat breakfast, I brush my teeth, and then I apply makeup. I get to work, I get a glass of water, or coke, or coffee. And guess what? Within 30 minutes, my cup/straw is wearing lipstick and I am not…which means I have to re-apply. So if I re-apply then…I will continue to drink and continue to have to re-apply. Then I’ll eat lunch and wipe it all off, and re-apply. Then it is back to drinking water or whatever and guess what? Another application. It is never ending, all day long. And it is annoying. I try to remember. I really do, but I am so used to NOT remembering and NOT re-applying that I just don’t care, even when I have five unused tubes at home and one in my purse. No, I’m not that lazy. I don’t mind re-applying. Really I don’t. But… I blame this all on my mom…see, isn’t everything always the parents’ fault? She once told me, sometime in my middle school years, that to pull out any sort of make-up and apply it in public would be akin to pulling out your deodorant and applying it in front of everyone. And who would want to re-apply deodorant in front of people? I know it sounds crazy…I know you don’t agree…I’ve told many people this over the years and they laugh. But it was motherly advice and it stuck. I can’t re-apply lipstick (or powder, or mascara) unless I am in a private place, like the bathroom. And unless I remember to take the lipstick with me to the bathroom (and I don’t carry my purse around at work), re-application is just not something I do. Because of that, I rarely even put ON lipstick in the first place. When I do, it is gone by 8 am. And never seen again…until the next time I decide to wear some for a few wee morning hours. By the way, I wasn’t always this way. I actually wore lipstick in college ALL the time. And I wore the same color throughout college. It was called Violet Xtreme (at least, I’m pretty sure that was the name). It was dark purple. It was as goth as I got. I liked it and thought it suited my coloring well. I guess if I could find a color that I loved like that again, I might be more inclined to pull out my deodor…I mean, lipstick and re-apply. I like the colors that I have, but they just aren’t that perfect one. And don’t get me started on my tube of RED lipstick…

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